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Complementary Therapies

 Lava Shell Full Body Massage - See the beauty and feel the heat with the world's first naturally self-heating massage tool.
 Lava Shell Back Massage - Concentrating on the back, neck and shoulders for the ultimate stress busting treatment that promotes deep relaxation.
 Glacial Shell Detox Massage - Targeting the stomach and legs this invigorating treatment eliminates toxins, whilst the therapeutic contrast of the hot lava shells and cold glacial shells creates the ultimate contrast, promoting wellness and balance.

 Lava Shell Rescue Massage - Combining heat & ice to create the ultimate contrast to target muscular trigger points relieving the effects of occupational and lifestyle hazards. The combination of shells invigorates muscle tissues, boosts circulation, and increases lymphatic drainage whilst at the same time reducing the effects of chronic inflammation, clearing the pathway for accelerated healing.

 Aromatherapy Body Massage - Using a selection of essential oils chosen to address your specific needs.
 Aromatherapy Back Massage

 Aromatherapy Body, Face & Scalp

 Reflexology - This technique promotes relaxation, relieves stress and balances the body.
 Advanced Reflexology - Additional techniques on the feet using the intestinal link. Ideally clients will have already experienced relexology and its benefits.
 Luxury Reflexology - All the benefits of reflexology with added 'Dead Sea' foot soak, pumice foot polish, extra massage techniques and a citrus ice gel to complete this luxurious therapy
 Swedish Body Massage - Deep tissue massage designed to relieve aching muscles.
 Swedish Back Massage - Deep tissue massage concentrating on this tension prone area.
 Luxury Body Scrub- Exfoliates & nourishes the skin naturally, this is an invigorating treatment to stimulate, relieve fluid retention, firm & rejuvenate the skin and completed with lashings of Neal's Yard Remedy Organic body lotion.

Indian-Head Massage - Helps relieve stress and relaxes the body by working the muscles in the shoulders, upper arms, neck, scalp and face.   £35.00
 Body Wraps - Beneficial to help cellulite, detoxing, toning and general well-being. Cellulite, detoxing and toning wraps can also be upgraded to a slimming wrap.  £50.00 - 70.00
Hopi Ear-Candling -  This soothing therapy is beneficial for treating hay fever, sinusitis, tinnitus, vertigo, Excessive ear wax, snoring, headaches and many other respiratory conditions.  £40.00
 Back Facial - A great treatment for this hard to reach area - cleanse, masque, massage and a final application of exfoliator - includes commedone extraction.  £33.00